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Infact Our team of fully qualified sexologist,sex therapists have helped more than 35000 men and women of all ages to start enjoying a happier and sexually fulfilling life that they never thought possible.

Dr. Inderjeet Singh Since several years, Dr. Inderjeet Singh has been successfully serving the patients in a genuine way through natural herbs who are suffering from the sex problems. His vision was to provide the reasonable and quality treatments to the needy people. Being an award winner doctor, he gained a recognition in this industry while serving the patients with due care and through best possible ways.

Being located in the central heart i.e., Delhi, Gautam Clinic saving too many families lives through providing sheer medical services with the modernized way. Touch competition and jealousy have changed our lifestyle to a great extent where people are suffering fro tensions. These working stress affecting the relations between husband and wife when it comes to their personal life. Continuous stress may lead to weakening the hormones which may eventually lead to imbalanced sexual life. One of the main reason behind conflicts i.e. they do not spend quality time to understand each other, rather they try to settle corporate deals.

Apart from sexual treatments, the company emphasizing on the other issues like male Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Penile Implants, Circumcision, Female's Sex Problem, Skin Problem, Diabetic Problem, Thyroids Problem, Weight gain & loss etc. One problem may result in other serious issues so it is recommendable for the patients to take the treatment in advance so as to cover the disease.

If anyone in Delhi, Faridabad or from anywhere suffering from the sexual problems, do not afraid or feel shy, just call us and arrange an appointment for better consultation from sexologist in Faridabad, sexologist in Delhi as times never return back and value your present time with your beloved. Healthy sex life can symbolise the happy couple life. We guarantee you for better services at most reasonable prices.

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Suffering from sex-related heath problems? Gautam Clinic is the best place in Delhi & Faridabad to serve you through authentic ayurvedic medicines to treat your sex problems with modernized features. This clinic is situated in easily accessible locations to facilitate the patients to reach the doctor.

Gautam Clinic aims to provide the effective sex-related consultation & guidance at most affordable pricing without cutting the quality of treatment. Instead of allopathy medicine, the company relies on the ayurvedic system to avoid negative side effects.


- by ajay singh

Wow! excellent! Marvelous! Extremely honest & highly qualified

doctor. I got my problem solved in just Rs. 500/- ( by consulting him) where as I had spent more than thousand of rupees with many other sexologists. Actually I was fearing about my penis size & I was not ready for marriage. So I took many medicines from sexologists to enlarge my penis size but everybody cheated me. Finally I consulted DR. Inderjeet Singh. He gave me half an hour and explain me again and again and again that my penis size is normal & I don't require any medicine.After consulting him I was completely changed with my life & confidence. Now I am happily married.


- by Mohit sharma

I met Dr. Inderjeet Singh individually recently. He is very kind and down to the earth with his character. Can discuss anything openly, he understanding and cure your issues. The most I like from his attitude is moral support and friendly nature.


- by Ravi bhavkar

I completely the 30 day treatment for premature evacuation from this sex problem Dr.Inderjeet Singh.The medicines have boosted a new energy and Now I can last longer in bed and experiencing the normal sex life. My life is change now i live happy. so, Thank You Very Much.


- by Shivani Sharma

I consulted Dr gautam for my brother personal problem. He responded well to his treatment within 2 week. I thank him from my heart. He is a good Sexologist in faridabad.


- by Mukesh Singh

I had a lot of problems in sex due to my bad habits, one day I saw an article in a News paper and decided to go and consult with Dr. Inderjeet Gautam. He gave me best guidance me. I started treatment, now I feel very well and I can enjoy my sex life with confidence.

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Male Health Sexual Solution.

Ayurvedic Treatment 100% Success.

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Female Sexual Health

Ayurvedic Treatment 100% Success.

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